Your vehiculs rental in Martinique

Your vehiculs rental in Martinique

Car rental Martinique

5 avril 2015
Plan to include a Martinique rental car in order to take in all of Martinique's many attractions beaches, and restaurants. You are right because to tour Martinique, a car is really necessary. For visitors who arrive at Aime Cesaire international Airport or Fort de france port or cruise port or Saint Pierre Port by the ferry from dominica or guadeloupe, Saint Pierre Location offers shuttle service. If you're not a fan of rental counter lines then choose Saint Pierre Location rental. We are able to give you your car in about 15 min. 

Getting the right automobile when you rent from local Saint Pierre Location Rental

We always recommends booking ahead to be sure your car is waiting for you when you arrive. Start by deciding on the vehicle that's right for your visit to Martinique. If you want a fun vehicul you may try a SUV category. If you’re traveling with the entire family, or plan to load up on deals at the al the distileries, museums, zoo, attraction, gardens... consider full-size 7 seats or 9 seats. We also rent Automatic cars for your maximum confort. 
You can also choose between a diesel or a fuel car.

Finding great rental deals

Saint Pierre Location Rental offers sepcial discount deals for all types of daily, weekly, monthly or weekend car rentals. Once you decide on the deal you want you’ll be able to add it right to you reservation when you book the car with our reservation form! We wants to make every step easy to you.

Saint Pierre Locations Rental is the best deal to have an profesionnal car rental experience but with a local partenaire (family business) close to his customer.