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5 practical tips for looking great whatever the circumstances


23 mai 2017
practical advise

If you’re from another part of the world, bear in mind that the climate and conditions here are quite different. When you're here for business, you'll need to be at your best no matter what happens.

    • Wear layers on your flight. It may be cold where you live, but the weather in Martinique never drops below 25°C/77°F.


    • Public transportation is still lacking on the island, especially once you leave Fort-de-France. So a rental car is a must.


    • The weather can be quite variable, and sudden downpours are frequent. Bring a travel umbrella to make sure you don’t arrive at your meeting soaking wet!


    • You should also adapt your beauty regimen - yes, even the men! The mix of heat and humidity can take a toll on your complexion. Avoid heavy moisturizers during the first few days, otherwise you’ll be dripping by the time you leave your hotel. The same is true for your hair: use products sparingly, otherwise your hair will be heavy and greasy.


    • To stay fresh when going from one air-conditioned space to another, wipe your neck and face with facial wipes and your armpits and behind your knees with deodorant wipes. Avoid pocket misters. You'll feel great at first, but much worse after 5 minutes if you don't have anything to wipe yourself off with!


  • Last, but not least, plan to leave really early for a first meeting. Traffic jams on the island are terrible. In addition, not all addresses are clearly marked, so you'll probably have difficulties finding your way.