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Terms of car rental Martinique (EXTRACT) - Booking Online

Rental conditions Martinique - Online

20 janvier 2015

1 - Terms of rental - Main genaral rental terms

- Rental valid only in Martinique
- Minimum age: 23 years (young driver insurance can increase with deposit)
- Driving license + 2 years (possibility young driver insurance premium with deposit)

- Supporting documents: driver's license & proof of address

- Deposit of 500 € to 1500 € according to category. This will be returned on return of the vehicle if the customer has met the terms and conditions of rental. Deposit by credit card relief (CB type Maestro, Mozaic, electron, Kyriel, COFINOGA and other debit cards not accepted)
- Any day started is due: Rent per 24 hours, 59 minutes late tolerated beyond a journé will be charged. Thanks for your understanding.
- Airport Support is usually included in your package. Airport service. We also offer the "making available airport" (+ expenses package of parking)

- Repatriation of the vehicle to the agency in case of failure and provision of another. Assistance 24h / 7days. 

2 - Further information (not included in the rate) - Additional info (not included in the price)

- Fuel, punctures, cleaning & washing return
- The repatriation of the vehicle in case of accident or breakdown driven by misuse of the vehicle. An accident report is required and must be submitted to the agency in the following 24 hours.
- Shipping fees for duplicate keys. clée reproduction and all damages and expenses related thereto.
- Providing baby seat / booster seat / Cosy: 25 € / 15 € / 40 € (the duration of stay)
- Driver Supp. : 15 €
- Final cleaning: From € 40 (we ask you to return the vehicle in the same state of cleanliness) Pre-cleaning can see our rates online
- The loss of personal effects is not guaranteed by Saint Pierre Sarl Rentals.
- Theft or damage to the vehicle must be declared to the police or gendarmerie.
- Additional insurance guaranteeing fire and theft, damage with excess from 495 €, 7 and 9 seats from 760 € depending on the category selected.

- Late Arrival (or return) 35 € (2200): All Arrivals or return vehicle occurring between 22.00 and 6.00 (night time), will be the subject to a surcharge of € 35 incl. (Thanks for your conpréhension)


     Exclusions Insurance:

- Driving the vehicle with a non-specified as an authorized driver person,
- Damage caused by the absence of identified third party, or as a result of gross negligence, or as a result of gross negligence: eg skid, crossing continuous line, characterized therein not respect speed limits.
- Any damage resulting from poor appreciation of the leased vehicle gauge (eg top box, rocker, passing in the basement, rut, lateral friction of the body).
- Damage to rims & tires, deteriorating accessories. The replacement of these is the customer.
- Mechanical damage due to improper use of the vehicle and those arising under the vehicle.
- Damage high cash and rocker are not supported.
- Driving with a BAC above the legal limit or under the influence of absorbed elements that alter the essential reflexes to driving,
- Drowsiness and sleepiness of the driver,
- Deterioration in the vehicle, tires and rims,
- Error on the fuel type,
- Failure to return the keys and vehicle documents the theft warranty is inapplicable,
- Damage occurred on site, private road and lane closed to traffic,
- Damage occurring after the date specified in the contract for the return of the vehicle,
- Damage occurred with another vehicle of the Société Saint Pierre Rentals,
- Damage occurred with a vehicle registered in the name of the tenant or its subsidiaries,
- Flight attendant by the tenant, or an authorized driver,
- Personal effects and goods are completely excluded from the proposed guarantees. General way all provisions under the usual guarantees of freight are excluded complement guarantees offered by the rental company.
- Statement received after the return of the vehicle,
- Vehicles stolen in home jacking and carjacking are uninsured. 

3 - Various Additional information :

  Transport vehicle rental for the disabled "TPMR" - Adapted Vehicle Wheelchair Possible. Please ask for the exact dimensions of the vehicle.

  All the images on the demo site are not contractual.

  Payment of the rental agencyBankcard, AMEX, checks, Holiday vouchers, gift vouchers, Cash ...

  Saint Pierre Location guarantee the reserved category. In case of unavailability of a class, we engagageons us to offer a higher category for the same price or optionally a lower category to the corresponding price. 

4 - Book online:

The customer agrees to buy a voucher (or confirmation) for the amount indicated on the quote (online). It is the customer's responsibility to present this voucher to the agency when the vehicle's handling.
The booking confirmation is also sent to the customer via e-mail (remember to check your SPAM box or unwanted e-mail ...) to the address in the "email" field when registering and / or reservation.
This document constitutes neither a "lease". The lease will be contracted (signed) by the client and the agency at the time of taking possession of the vehicle.
The agency may refuse to contract with the customer if the latter
- No minimum age,
- Is not in possession of a valid driving license and recognized at the time of signature,
- Can make a deposit in the amount announced at booking,
- Does not meet the general rental conditions,

For reservations made through the booking website, any cancellation request must be made in writing and shall take effect on the date and time the cancellation was received by the renter. 

The confirmation of the cancellation will be sent to the client.
Prospective refunds are at 30 days by check payable to the account holder of the bank card payment at booking.
The customer can cancel his reservation under the following conditions:

For cancellations made at least 30 days before the date of rental start, the tenant is
fully refunded. Beyond this period, the reservation amount subject to a payment

Advance will be refunded less a cancellation fee calculated according to the following scale:

- For cancellations made between 20 and 29 days before the date of rental start, 10% of costs
Cancellation calculated on the amount of the reservation subject to a prepayment.

- For cancellations made between 7 and 19 days before the scheduled rental start, 20% of costs
Cancellation calculated on the amount of the reservation subject to a prepayment.

- No refund will be due for a cancellation less than 7 days before the start date
rent or if the customer does not rent the vehicle to the reserved date and has failed to inform the Lessor by
written beforehand.
Promotional rates displayed on the website can not be combined with other benefits. To take advantage of promotional rates on the site, you must book your vehicle via the website, confirm and pay online. Any request for extension of promotional rate will be made. A new contract will be offered to the customer on the basis of rates established by public agency. Web rates may be applied for an extension.

Booking subject to acceptance and written confirmation from the agency. Except payment via website. : Please request a quote or availability or contact is in no case a reservation: The owner can not be held responsible.

--- The Saint Pierre Location team thanks you for your trust. ---