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Martinique, French West Indies

Martinique, the most attractive islands of the Caribbean

29 avril 2016

The Caribbean islands, its beautiful beaches, its culinary specialties or, unique attractions ...

To Business Insider, though each island has within its own strengths, others however have some additional advantages.

It is from this observation that the famous magazine Business Insider has established a ranking of the most attractiveCaribbean islands based on several criteria including the price of a room reservation, accessibility (or, the beachesattendance. to benefit from the most accurate data, Business Insider has relied on data and indicators collected on, TripAdvisor, or,


In this ranking, the Martinique is positioned in 13th place.

"The Martinique is home to a remarkable variety of landscapes. The capital, Fort -de -France, has a more urban atmosphere, while the northern region has many rainforests, mountains and miles of beaches. It is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with nearly 118 outdoor activities to indulge in. It is also home to 25 historical sites, including the birthplace of Napoleon Empress Josephine. It has a moderate densityrange score of 0.31. "

New York Distance: 5 hours and 45 minutes

Average cost of the hotel room: $ 132 per night

See the rankings.

The island is also described as "Ideal for a romantic getaway" :
"Martinique combines the romantic sensibility of the Frenchwith the natural beauty of the Caribbean. The French islandisolated white sand beaches, luxurious resorts, and intimateenough to make it an ideal honeymoon location.