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Martinique the island of flowers - Rent Car Martinique

Martinique - the island of flowers

21 janvier 2015

Known as the island of flowers, Martinique will seduce you with the beauty of its landscapes, its festive atmosphere, its frenzied music tunes, delicious rum cocktails and warm and mixed population.

Browsing through different cities, you will discover the lush vegetation of bougainvilleas, flamboyant, cannas, hibiscus, etc. but also unusual animals like crabs, manicou or iguana ... But beware of mosquitoes!

In Martinique, there's something for everyone! Culture lovers will have the chance to visit many museums and distilleries but also iconic towns such as Saint-Pierre, Fort-de-France or Sainte Marie. The nature lovers will in turn prepare their shoes for hikes breathtaking like the Caravelle, the Slave Canal or the Gorges de la Falaise. Finally, the followers of idleness can choose to sunbathe on the southern white sand beaches and those of black sand from the North or cool off by taking a dip in one of the many rivers that make up the island.

What to put in your luggage? Here's one good question! The answer is simple: shirt, shorts, towel, summer dresses, sandals ... not to mention a small umbrella because in the tropics, although the average temperature is 26 ° C and the sun prevails widely, sometimes it there is a little rain!

You'll understand, Martinique has all the essential ingredients for an unforgettable vacation! So what are you waiting for? Book your car in fast with Saint Pierre Location !