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20 janvier 2015

In 1989, Jean Baptiste brothers create Saint Pierre Locations to answer a very important tourism demand tothe era in Saint Pierre. The company specializes in cheap car rental. Since its beginnings, the company offers a short range of Renault vehicles at good prices. 

26 years later it is the same as the current team convicition Saint Pierre Location invests in the low-cost car rental offering its best service. car park

Saint Pierre Location is currently a diversified car park of over 130 vehicles. We offer a wide range of vehicles: 5 seats, 7 seats, 9 seats, automatic, utilities, vehicles adapted, Wheelchair, unlicensed vehicles ...

Originally located in Saint Pierre city of art and history, we approached the center of the capital and to allow a broader clientele to benefit from our services 

At Le Lamentin Road "Emmanuel Courant" - District "Four à Chaux" just 2 minutes from the airport of Fort de FranceAimé Césaire. See contact details of the agency 

At Saint Pierre, Quartier "Fort" direction the "Precheur" behind "Ecomax". See contact details of the agency



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