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The North - Centre - South

Cut into 3 to Martinique?

18 janvier 2015

The Martinique is divided into three zones: the North, Centre and South.

The North:

The north of the island is characterized by side "picturesque" and its lush tropical vegetation. The landscape is mountainous with Montagne Pelée, which rises to an altitude of 1 397m, "les pitons du Carbet" (1196m) and "Morne Jacob" (884m). Here you can perform many walks and hikes, swim and sunbathe on the black sand beaches and take great pictures along the coasts.

Some sites to visit in the North:

At Saint Pierre : ruins, the seabed, the Tomb of the Caribbean, the Discovery Center of Science and Earth Housing Depaz ...
Red Morne Mount Pelee, the Regional House of volcanoes ...

    At Fond Saint-Denis: the Observatory of Morne Cadet, Beauregard Canal or Canal of the slaves, the Cascade Leaping Gendarme ...

    At Sainte-Marie: The house of bèlè, Domaine Fond St. Jacques, basketry Morne des Esses, the Musée du Rhum St. James, the ruins of the "Four à Chaux" ... the tombolo.

    Trinity: Ruins of Castle Dubuc, Galion Factory, the Village of fishermen ...


"Les Gorges de la Falaise" in the town Ajoupa Boullion

The Center:

Martinique in the center you will find the "lung" economic Island with major companies concentrated in Fort-de-France and Lamentin. So you can go in many hypermarkets, leisure attractions, restaurants and nightclubs.

Some sites to visit in the center:

A Schœlcher: the Palace of Congress Madiana, Casino Batelière, the sea, the yacht club ...

    A Fort-de-France: St. Louis Cathedral, the Prefecture, the Schoelcher Library, the Theatre and Town Hall, the Fort Saint-Louis, the Sacred Heart and the Jardin de Balata ...

    At St. Joseph: Heart Bouliki, the garden's centennial, the grotto of Lourdes ...

    At Ducos: kayaking in the mangrove ...
The South:

The south of the island is characterized by small bays called "anses" and small hills called "mornes". You can relax on white sandy beaches with crystal clear water and many water recreation.


Les Anses d'Arlet, Martinique

"Les anses d'arlet Martinique"

Some sites to visit in the South:

     At River Pilot: La Mauny Distillery, the Clery pitt (cockfight) ...

     Aux Trois-Ilets the Village of Pottery, Mangofil, the Museum of Pagerie, Vatable of the forest, the House of the Cane, the Domaine de Chateau Gaillard ...

     At Diamond: Diamond Rock, the old candy Dizac theGaoulé, the memorial of Cap 110 ...

     At Francis Habitation Clement, the François islets, Josephine of the tub and its baptism of rum, white backgrounds...

     At Sainte-Anne: Savannah petrifactions, the Salinas ...

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Diamant Beach Martinique